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What Is BulletCurrency?

BulletCurrency is an entirely new investment vehicle which provides safety for your family in a scary world.  The premise is to create a marketplace around bullets as a store of value.  Every dollar you invest is represented by a proportionate number of bullets that are purchased, shipped to our secure facility and properly maintained for you.  It also secures access to ammunition at a time when it is needed most, without the hassles and complexities of buying and storing it yourself.  

Bullet Backed Guarantee

The bullets that back your investment are stored in our secure, climate controlled vault for safety and preservation.

If you ever want to sell your Bullets or trade for a different caliber, we will assist you in selling or trading the underlying bullets.  

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Ultimate Security For Your Family

In the event of an economic collapse or social unrest, ammunition becomes nearly impossible to find and extremely expensive.  BulletCurrency provides the only investment that can truly protect your family by giving you access to ammunition when you need it most. 


Should you need access to your ammunition, contact us and we can arrange shipping.*

Why Buying Bullets Yourself Doesn't Work

1. A multitude of federal, state, and local laws restrict the ownership of large quantities of ammunition depending on where you live.

2. Excessive sales tax is charged in 45 of 50 US states, making a direct purchase of ammunition more expensive.

3. Bulk ammunition is heavy, and requires stringent

storage parameters to ensure quality and reliability.

4. Ammunition needs to be secured and insured from theft and damage.

5. There is a limited market for the resale of previously owned ammunition, making it difficult to monetize.

By investing with BulletCurrency instead of bullets themselves, you can benefit from investing in ammunition without the issues listed above.

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Invest In Bullets


You are investing in a currency that has little to no liquidity and relies upon the underlying value of the bullet for its value. The specific bullet backing this investment could go down in value due to any number of factors including but not limited to changes in government regulations, changes in bullet or gun technology and/or increased supply from foreign or domestic providers.

* - Subject to any local, state, or national restrictions that may exist. BulletCurrency charges a 5% fee on all purchases, sales, and shipments. Customer is responsible for any shipping fees and taxes that may apply.

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